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Learn to Successfully Potty Train Your Child while Saving Time, Money and Minimizing Headaches

Your child is capable of being potty trained before 24-months!

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Start Course - $39.97

Don't miss the window-Start Now! The prime window to Potty Train is 18-30 months. 

Save Money

Diapers + Wipes are expensive! 1-month will cost $70 - $93! Delaying 1-year will cost your family $840 - $1,122  

Save Time

In a few short days your child can be potty trained! Save time and energy on a method proven to work.

Have a Game Plan

I'll map out the steps to success. You won't be confused on where to start or what to do next. It will make potty training easy!

The Potty Training Course Includes: 

The Best Potty Training Supplies List

Learn exactly what you need without wasting your time or money on useless items.

1 hour of instructional videos

I'll break down each step of Potty Training into condensed lessons that you can listen to at your own convenience. Access your lessons on your computer, mobile device or tablet.

20-min Private Phone Consultation (Optional Add-On $60)

I'm so committed to your success, I make myself available to assist you via a one-on-one call. I know it's the little things that stall progress and I want to make sure I'm able to help you along the way. 

Audra Trask

Childhood Development Expert Parent Educator Certified Child Life Specialist

There are many ways Audra shares her knowledge with families; Hospital base, Online Course, and Private Consultations. She teaches parenting classes for Boulder Community Health. The online Potty Training Course makes it easy to learn from home on your own time. 

I've helped hundreds of families Potty Train their children.

"I would recommend Audra Trask's expertise to others struggling to know where to begin with potty training. Her advice helped us to find a method that worked for us when potty training my oldest at 2 years old." Caroline M. - Gainesville, GA

"With the help of Audra Trask, my son was potty trained by 21 months. Her expertise in early childhood & potty training truly exceeded my expectations. Without her patience and support, we could not have achieved this milestone with such ease and confidence. Thank you, Audra!" Lisa W. - Chicago, IL

"Audra helped me when I was potty training my twin boys. She had great advice each step of the way and was always available when I had questions. Most importantly she had lots of words of encouragement which made the whole process a lot easier!" Jen K. - Irvine, CA

"Audra’s advice made potty training my son (25 months) a breeze! She was so responsive, understanding and helpful in every way. I cannot say enough good things about her! Audra guided me through this parenting challenge and inspired confidence. Thank you." Alana H. - Seattle, WA

"My son is now 3 and Audra helped me potty train him at 22 months. I was a first time mom and had no idea what I was doing or when to start. It took 3 days with some tweaks along the way. She is currently guiding me with potty training my 20-month-old daughter. Audra offers creative and personalized solutions that work! She makes the extremely challenging job of parenting easier." Kelly F. - Huntley, IL

"I really want to share Audra Trask's info with you all. She is a parenting guru! I've consulted with her specifically about potty training. Rachel is now doing both one and two on the potty by herself. It's still a work in progress but Rachel has progressed so much in such a short period of time. Audra has been an amazing support and resource. I highly recommend her help!" Jen H. - Los Angeles, CA

"Thanks to the conversations I’ve had with Audra, potty training has been so much easier and a smoother transition than I ever thought. She made this process seem so easy, I would definitely recommend reaching out to her if you are starting to potty train. You won’t regret it! I’ve since consulted her on many other issues. Thanks!" Lindsay C., Phoenix, AZ

"My biggest obstacle with potty training was ME. My daughter was ready but I was not. Having Audra’s guidance and support was so pivotal in our potty training success. It’s not an easy thing to do, potty training. And to be honest, without Audra’s help, I might have thrown in the towel a few times. Everyone needs someone they can turn to when the going gets tough (or even celebrate the victories) and Audra was that person. Many many praises and thanks for her potty training expertise. Couldn’t have done it without her!" Lindsay M., East Greenwich, RI

Minimize the Headache Save Time & Money 

Enroll in the Potty Training Course - $39.97

I guarantee we will be successful together!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why use the Positive Potty Method?

It's a proven method that uses positive reinforcement to teach your child to potty train in a few short days.

When does the course start / finish?

You can access the course immediately after purchasing. After enrolling, you have ONE year to access the course on any devices you own. I understand that life happens and I want to help support your potty training journey.

What is the ideal time to start?

Between 18-30 months is ideal. I strongly encourage parents to begin potty training before 2-years-old. Many families are surprised by this and didn't realize their child was ready. Starting early helps avoid many behaviorial challenges that show up later.

What if my child isn't ready?

No problem! The course gives you tips to do with your child until he or she is ready. You have access to the course for 1-year after date of purchase. 

Will my child still need diapers?

The majority of children still need diapers for sleeping. Nighttime potty training usually happens naturally around ~5 years old.

Is a Private Phone Consult available?

Absolutely, I'm committed to your success. If you are interested in a one-on-one consult, I'll make myself available. Simply click the link, select the best time that works for you, and book the call.

What about the price of the course?

 At $39.97, this is equivalent to the cost of one box of diapers. I've intentionally priced this course to help inspire you to potty train your child early. If you delay potty training 1-year it will cost you ~ $1,000 and increases potential behavorial struggles. Not only is it a great value, but I've condensed all the material to save you time both learning and implementing potty training. Plus it includes a chance to have your specific questions answered by an expert!

What is the refund policy?

I would never want you unsatisfied with the course! It is designed to make potty training easy to learn and implement. I am so committed to helping you be successful that I will coach you through your personal potty training challenges. I guarantee you will be successful! If you are unhappy with the course you have 5-days from the date of purchase to inquire about a refund. 

Don't delay any longer! Stop changing soggy, poop filled diapers!